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to behave in an "ungirlie-like manner" i.e. arnold schwarzenegger
how to win at scrabble (783 points on the bottom row).
When I saw my friend John at the gym, he was displaying a lot of ungirliemannerz.
by arnold August 09, 2004
Generally refering to someone short who is trying to reach for something but cannot quite grasp it. This is a broad term that can be used referencing short people, or if your friend is trying to get a girl that is way out of his league, or threatening to beat someone up who is 5X your size.
He was midging for a piece of chocolate his mom hid from him on top of the fridge.
by Arnold October 08, 2003
My face is sooooooo big!
What are you retaaaaaaarded!
by arnold January 21, 2004
an asiatic person (short for Chin Tok)
Look at that dumbass c.t. over there
by Arnold April 12, 2004
Your meat in between two buns.
"Hey, get your meat out of my buns! I'm not in jail yet!"
by Arnold December 20, 2003
Fuck it. Got my orders.
Used when someone asks you to do something and you are already busy with another task or when someone questions what you're doing.

"Why are you painting that sheep!?"
by Arnold March 12, 2003
Sharply divided into North and South. The southern half of the county which is closer to the city is heavily population suburbs while the towns to the north are more rural. The "Southerners", like me, don't consider Northern Westchester to really be part of our county.
Somers and Peekskill aren't Westchester, they're in Upstate New York or the "hudson valley" or whatever you want to call it. And by the way, Lower Westchester is not part of the Hudson valley contrary to every travel guide known to man, the HV is somewhere upstate or something. Really, what do Yonkers and Poughkeepsie really have in common?
by Arnold January 23, 2004

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