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2 definitions by armywife

Spending 16 months alone with my daughter while my husband is in Iraq, Afganistan, Korea or Germany. It is my husband missing 1/2 of our marrige due to his "duty" and endless readjustments when he is home. It is the cause of so much marital stress. It is the reason for so many nights spent crying and each day spent worrying. It has caused our daughter to look around the house trying to find her daddy (becuase she thinks he is playing hide and go seek and wont come out until she has found him) and crying the entire time "daddy, daddy" . It is my worst fear.
I got the call, the deployment will be in 3 weeks.

I will miss you so much, I love you more than anything in this world, and for all eternity.

Don't worry I will be fine.
I cannot stop worrying, it is dangerous. Please come home to us.

I will try.
by armywife May 27, 2009
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Second Butt is primarly seen on large or overweight persons. Second butt appears when a clear definition between butt and leg is lost. Second butt can be readily pinched and is at least, undesirable.
Oh no!!! My wife has second butt!
by armywife May 12, 2009
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