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A smallish town in Massachusetts, roughly halfway between Boston and Providence. Home of the New England Patriots football franchise. The bedrock of the town's population are families that fled there from various Irish neighborhoods ahead of the busing crisis and assorted other encounters with people duskier than themselves. Before WWII, the population was split between Yankee Protestants and Irish immigrants who came to work in factories. Recently, Foxboro has become a bedroom community for yuppies, who decided that the "urban" part of their description isn't any fun anymore once they realized that meant little Madison and Adin would have to go to school with Tamika and Juan. The things these population elements have in common is parochialism, small-mindedness and virulent racism, all of which are prominent in Foxboro's character.
One of Foxboro's neighboring towns, Sharon, is largely Jewish. When their teams play Foxboro's, they are oftentimes subject to anti-semitic harassment, getting pelted with pennies, swastikas sprayed on the court, etc. etc.
by arkoshkovash August 15, 2008

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