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2 definitions by arechigraph

1 The desire to become post-human that arises from a plasticy pristine and seamlessly menthol aesthetic.

2 The becoming-hyper-real stylization which is preparing us for cyborg integration into society.

3 The futurist imperative to "improve" the animal within the human by becoming more synthetic.

Refers to Prada's advertising style
"The pradatization in this Digital Girls video is insane."
by arechigraph March 05, 2010
libidinal swagga through the sieve of Mandarinized English.
"The kid's got style for sure, and the shuaige complex to match"

Ambiguous noun / adjective usage encouraged

"Damn that girl's hot, and she's got the accompanying shuaige"
by arechigraph February 16, 2010