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3 definitions by archetype

Pronunciation: (pôn) Originally a misspelling of the word own, as in to totally have a skillful advantage over someone or something pwn is to more than just own; to pwn.
I pwn you you at Street Fighter.
by Archetype November 29, 2002
1569 758
The annoying extra little bit of urine men can never seem to get out of their penis after peeing no matter how many times they shake, until they place their penis back in their pants.
No, I didn't drip water from washing my hands, that is just post-urinal drip
by archetype February 17, 2005
39 13
Pen15 + Pwn1j is uber cock slappage across the forehead.
I gave Militaristic the Pwn15.
by archetype June 06, 2003
16 17