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An indie kid is a young person who likes to listen to, emulate the style of and attend shows performed by obscure, independant label music bands. The irony of the indie kid is obviously that his or her style is now popular among many youths and therefore not really independant. Anyway, defining a person by their tastes alone is stupid.
regular joe: "hey what are you listening to?"
indie kid: "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"
regular joe: "what???? what are you talking about?"
indie kid: "it's the name of the band"
regular joe: "oh haha...i've never heard of them"
indie kid: *smiles gleefully with the feeling of having obscure taste in music*
by arcaneidiocy June 20, 2006
The self proclaimed world class city of Canada. With a population of over 2 000 000, Toronto has long been regarded by Canadians as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Whether this is good or bad is a subject of controversial debate among canadians. Usually you will hear a Canadian say that they either love Toronto and think it's the greatest city on earth or that they hate it and think it's stinky, polluted and crime ridden. Toronto boast's a spectacular yet unsettling skyline which features the world's most phallic looking structures of any city. The CN tower (the penis) and the Rogers Center, originally called the Skydome (the balls).
Typical mentality of a middle class Torontonian: "Hi, I'm from Toronto and I'm way better than all the rest of you hicks and hippies in Canada because, like, I'm so sophisticated because Toronto is the center of the universe and you suck balls."
by arcaneidiocy June 20, 2006

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