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Death Rock is coined from the 2009 Nicholas Cage movie "Knowing" where shiny black rocks were found in close vicinity to death victims.

Death Rock is known to deliver grave mishap to the person carrying this cursed item. Confessions include late, delayed or cancelled flights, being shat upon by birds, bitten by a poisonous spider, lightning striking a plane in mid flight, buses catching on fire as well as other unfortunate, but undisclosed misfortunes.

If Death Rock is in your possession, you may not destroy or lose it (you are the temporary bearer of this burden). You can volunteer (for example, slip this into their luggage, bag or purse) another soul to carry this burden but the same rules apply and the receiver must be aware of the rules.
"Did you hear that Dan M now has the Death Rock?" "No kidding?! That poor, sad bastard."
by arcadefirewire September 20, 2011
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