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The word ephebophile derives from Greek, with the individual root meanings of ephebo-, "youth", and phile, "one who is attracted to". In this case, "youth" does not mean "child", but rather a young adult, such as they are capable of reproduction and are biologically an adult regardless of the arbitrary age of adulthood defined by the government of ones country.

It happens to be the case that if you are below this arbitrary age and are attracted to someone of the same age, that this is not considered wrong, but "normal". However, if you even are slightly outside of this age range and are attracted to one within this age range, that is considered not normal, but "wrong".

In the instance of a male 18 years old being attracted to a female 17 years old, this is a more socially acceptable form of ephebophilia. However, there are even some who would argue that since a law is invented by humans, such as having arbitrary but not actual value even, that it is absolute.

Male being attracted to female, such is more natural as mammary glands are indicative of biological adulthood. Female being attracted to male, it is a bit less visually deterministic.
Guy 1: hey, she looks nice.

Guy 2: dude, shes younger than the arbitrarily defined age of adulthood, so you're an ephebophile!
by arbitraryusername December 11, 2009
An Abrasive Doormat is a type of person which has learned to play the boss-worker system to their advantage. In front of their superiors, they will act humble and diligent. They will even take abuse, letting themselves be treated like a doormat by those who are able to hurt them. In this, they are wise. They retain their employment by taking abuse from those above them.

However, when it comes to those who cannot harm them, this type of person is abusive. These people who act like doormats to the faces of their employers will treat those equal to or below them as if they were doormats.

They respect their own kind, namely those who have learned this form of hypocrisy. But anyone who doesn't know how to play their little game they insult. And anyone who is brave enough to speak out against mistreatment they ridicule with all their might and seek to sabotage them for the sake of their own game.

They throw epithets and megatons of stinging words at any who would speak out against the system that they have learned to play. And that is exactly it, these nasty hypocritical manipulators have taken so long to learn to play this system that they don't wish for this horrid system to be challenged, much less altered.
Underling: "How can anyone put up with this kind of boss?... it is just impossible."

Abrasive Doormat: "Heard you got coached, what did you do?"

Underling: "I didn't really do anything, I just tried to explain to the boss that..."

Abrasive Doormat: "What!!! You spoke to the boss trying to explain something to him? How naive of you, you impertinent, immature, foolish, knave of a n00b! Ha ha ha ha haw!!! You deserve what you get!"

Underling: "WTF?! How is it even possible for you to say such things if you have a brain in your skull?!"

Abrasive Doormat: "Oh and now you dare to insult me! I'll see about that!"

*Abrasive Doormat goes tattling and reports as many reprehensible things about Underling as is possible to invent.*
by arbitraryusername January 21, 2010
Reverse racism: giving favoritism to an individual or group within a subset of people on the basis of their belonging to that subset of people.
These actions are examples of reverse racism:

Giving extra hours to workers on the basis of their national origin.

"Pedro gets to work overtime because he's Mexican and Mexicans work."

Hiring workers on the basis of their gender.

Employer: "Congratulations Bimby, you got the job!"
Cindy: "Thank you so much! But, my name is 'Cindy' not 'Bimby' silly!"

Loving someone because they are from a country you like.

Infatuated woman: "You French people are so sexy! I love you Pierre!"
Claude: "My name isn't Pierre... "
by arbitraryusername December 24, 2009

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