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2 definitions by arbisun

Noun: (BS moshup of hick and hillbilly) They generally consider ‘townies’ only slightly better than tourists, and don’t count folks as townies til they’ve lived there at least five years. Gutted & skinned their 1st small mammal by the age of ten. When at public events, males tend to wear their local uniform – whatever combination of cowboy boots, hats, denim & bigotry is endemic to the region. This is the stereotype which is ‘ironically’ referenced when hipsters style themselves for Sunday BBQ at places like Acme, the Bottom of the Hill, Zeitgeist, and your backyard.
The hickabilly vibe was so thick out on the porch, I wasn't sure if I'd have to gnaw my own arm off to escape, or if I'd be tossed to the curb to the cries of "Utlander!"
by Arbisun June 11, 2008
9 3
Noun: The emotional conflict created when a desperation to get laid is thwarted by a scornful attitude towards the only available sexual candidates.

Not to be confused with the despericorn, a mythical creature that is super hot & clever but will bang your sorry self anyway and not treat you like crap afterwards.
The barfly that had been wooing me with shots all night almost had a chance, but then the houselights came up after last call & I was filled with desperascorn.
by arbisun June 11, 2008
6 0