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A group of males aged approximately 15-25. Trolls are characterized by making tasteless and crass jokes/comments online for the purpose of getting a cheap laugh from whichever of their troll friends happen to be looking over their shoulder at the computer at the time. Trolls are a rare species, as they lack the abilities most other males have to mate, such as testicles and the ability to connect with someone on an emotional level. However, trolls reproduce by infecting other males ages 15-25. If exposed to a troll, take emergency action to prevent the spread of troll-ness onto yourself and whomever you happen to be around.
"Tony is such a troll, he posted a link to gay-repairitive therapy on the facebook of Mike, the kid at our school who killed himself after coming out of the closet."

" Have you been tested at a fertility clinic yet?"
"Yes, but I'm fertile....It's been three months and I'm still not pregnant, maybe Nick is a troll...."

"Pete is such a troll, man...he started acting like a douche all over my FB status about my dead girlfriend"
"I would kick him in the balls for you, but you know trolls....he doesn't have any"
by appledeap September 04, 2011

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