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7 definitions by apfunction

Currently the best actor of this generation, who only recently came into the limelight. Before "Capote" (which he won an Oscar for), he mostly did supporting roles, but then people woke up and realized how amazing this actor is. Some of his great performances can be seen in:

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Synecdoche, New York
The Savages
Charlie Wilson's War
The fact is, Philip Seymour Hoffman is this generation's Robert De Niro. No, his performances aren't the same, I'm just saying that he's the only actor to come out this generation with the same amount of talent and skill as De Niro.

And "Twister" never happened.
by apfunction October 21, 2009
28 6
A jet-black pencil, raised in the dojos of ninjas, until it was prepared to be the master of the stealthy arts. A pencil that can end the world, but chooses not to.
Guy 1: Hey, do you have a Mirado Black Warrior I can use on my test?
Guy 2: Yeah...wait...I don't know where it went.
Guy 1: OMG, it's killing the teacher as we speak! Run!!!
by apfunction October 21, 2009
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When someone from or around Superior, Wisconsin tries to hit every bar on Tower Avenue in one night. There are 36 bars on Tower Avenue, and doing the Power Tower means you start at the first bar (at the beginning of Tower Avenue) and hit EVERY bar consecutively on the way down. It is a very difficult task.
How did John die?

Alcohol poisoning. He completed the Power Tower.
by apfunction March 09, 2010
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A website where people ask questions and you can pic from answers they have laid out. With you're answer, you can provide an explanation in the space below. You can reply to other people's answers about the same questions, which can lead to a lot of online arguments. Especially when it comes to controversial questions.
What do you think of abortion?

(1) I think it's the bee's knees.

(2) I think it's horrible.

(3) I don't know.

(this is the kind of question that starts arguments on Soda Head.
by apfunction November 12, 2009
13 8
What happens when you're throwing a bomb ass party and someone calls the cops because the music bothers them. Cops like to get these so they can bust underage parties.
That party was awesome, until the cops showed up for a noise violation and busted everyone.
by apfunction April 07, 2010
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What nerds and retards call losing their virginity.
Chick 1: So what did you guys do last night?
Chick 2: I gave it up to him.
Chick 1: You sound like a god damn retard when you say it like that.
by apfunction December 08, 2009
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Things that make weak people bend over and take it in the rear from society.

Fuck 'em.
Guy 1: Let's go steal shit.
Guy 2: Nooo, that's baaaad. We shouldn't. Think of the morals!!!

Guy 1 shoots Guy 2.
by apfunction January 12, 2010
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