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5 definitions by apex dave

the last"throw of the dice"for a male pornstar.
"goddammit gunther that was goddam nickles and dimes!"..."what do you expect hans?..that was my fifth popshot in two hours".
by apex dave January 18, 2011
2 1
a very tiny lady with proportionally large breasts.
"have you seen the new secretary tom?.. "not yet dave"..."fuck me,she's a right midget gem!".
by apex dave January 18, 2011
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a term of abuse that incorporates the two insults of being a whore and coming from fife.
hey,you've just taken my last fag,you whore from fife.
by apex dave January 18, 2011
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a term to describe the unfortunate situation where one's mother/wife stumbles across one's stash of "art pamphletry"...
to be caught with pornography
i was cleaning your room,david and i found 56 tons of hardcore anal pornography" david:"oh no!..i've been grumbled!
by apex dave January 18, 2011
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to take one's girlfriend on holiday to avoid all the fucking about and loss of drinking time that goes with finding a suitable mate upon arriving at one's destination.
"i went to ibiza last year and wasted the first day and a half sorting myself out with a tart.i'm going to agya napa this year,and this time i'm taking a packed lunch".
by apex dave January 18, 2011
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