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Can be used as a substitute phrase for performing or completing a certain action.
Ex. 1.) "Im tired, (gesturing toward the armchair) so im gonna get my sit on."

Ex. 2.)"Yo Rosco! I got the juice, time to get our drink on."
by Antonio April 20, 2004
A Puerto Rican Newton North student, who is wise as fuck, and sometimes raciast towards everyone; and the craziest artist at the school.
Nick: Eliezer! look at dat cracka over there.
Eliezer: HAHAHA..what a fuckin gringo
by Antonio January 21, 2005
marajuana??? u smoke this shit and gets u high as fuck
yo u got any erb fer sale
by antonio August 17, 2003
Three blunts rolled together as one.
I just picked a 3 grams, 1 gram per blunt and we can roll a trey-latrit.
by Antonio September 17, 2004
spanish voice, sounds like yonkee, is a man who use any kind of drugs
no example, significance is very clear
by Antonio March 26, 2005
To drive others crazy trying to make them figure out shit!
Mr Confusion is a confusing man
by Antonio November 14, 2003
A preemptive shielding of the asshole, be it the use of duct tape or plaster, to prevent ass rapage in a bad neighborhood. It is called the Idaho roadblock because it was first implemented in Boise.
"I perfected the Idaho roadblock before going to Camden."
"Good move."
by Antonio January 16, 2005

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