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sticky substance formed in the uncircumcised skin of the penis due to poor hygine.
Casey's schmegma was too overwelming for Toni.
by antonio June 26, 2004
a dance some teenagers in dc do while listening to gogo.
Ra-Ra stay beatin his feet.
by Antonio October 18, 2004
Sexual; dirty minded, nasty thoughts
"I was just thinking that you can come over and bang one another."

"Yea alright sounds filthy, I'm down."
by Antonio April 14, 2004
piece of shit
tu erese cerote, buey
by antonio August 27, 2003
Bald-headed White man
Ya see that bald-headed white dude?

Ya, i saw that cueball
by Antonio November 16, 2002
n.) The product of successful butt sex, usually tied to homosexual intercourse.
"I'm hot, lets go make ass milk."

*Also viewed on the liscence plate at the gay DMV on the recap. episode of Chapelle's Show.
by Antonio April 20, 2004
a nigger that eats to much chicken or that hangs out a KFC all.
Holy shit i smell some fucking chicken niggers.
by antonio April 22, 2005

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