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a person of consistently pessimistic outlook (from the use of black crepe for the manufacture of ladies’ mourning dresses, men’s hat bands and arm bands, and funeral wreaths)
by Anton September 30, 2003
vb. vagina (in some chinese urban laguage)
you are a cibai person
by anton June 26, 2003
Equivalent to OMP - Oil of Mass Production.
Bush: Iraq has oil of mass pro... i mean weapons of mass destruction.
by anton May 04, 2004
Individuals associated with this current do not wish to be adherents of an ideology, merely people who seek to become free individuals in free communities in harmony with one another and with the biosphere, and may therefore refuse to be limited by the term 'anarcho-primitivist' or any other ideological tagging. At best, then, anarcho-primitivism is a convenient label used to characterise diverse individuals with a common project: the abolition of all power relations - e.g., structures of control, coercion, domination, and exploitation - and the creation of a form of community that excludes all such relations.
That primitivists are planning an attack on the city hall.
by Anton April 24, 2005
an even better way of saying fantastic
anton is fantastique!
by anton May 13, 2004
A reply given when you are told of something good
Person A: "This bitch with some fine ass titties wants a blast on your cock"

Person B: "Mmyess"
by Anton June 05, 2003
The gathering of information, intelligence, rumors, speculation, etc. about a company/person/hot nightspot/spouse suspected of cheating, etc.
Derived from the military designation for Intelligence Corps.
"Gonna go over to our competitors and do a little G-2."
by Anton October 01, 2003

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