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1. Worst Place to live.

2. Worst food on earth.
3. Full of rich snobs who think that they're all that when they are shit.
4. A place where everyone does drugs.
5. Despite what everyone thinks worst bagles on earth!

6. Where UVa is located. UVa is full of rich kids who go out and get piss drunk on the weekends.
1. "Where do you live"

A: "A hell hole"


2. Sal's Pizza
3. "Hay, let's take my BMW to the mall and show off"
4. "Dawg, what are we doing tonight?"

A: "Weed"
5. "Man Bodos Bagles are awsome"

"Nah man, their shit"
6. UVa Student: "What are we doing this weekend"

Another UVA Student: "Let's go to Foxfield and get drunk as hell."
by anonymousxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx January 31, 2010

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