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Framingham is a great town. It's about 25 minutes outside of Boston. It's part of Middlesex County, with a population of 66,910. Framingham is the biggest town in the United States. Framingham should be a city. The North Side is the "nicer side" of Framingham and also parts of the South Side. Framingham is NOT the "ghetto" like some of these definitions say. The town is very diverse also. Framingham has a great public school system and if you live in Framingham you are very fortunate.
Person 1: Hey, what town do you live in?
Person 2: Framingham!
Person 1: Oh really! Isn't that the largest town in the US?
Person 2: Yeah!
person 1: That's so cool!
by anonymouswritter May 19, 2009
Someone that lives and dies for the Red Sox. Someone that spent their childhood at Fenway park no matter if the Sox won or lost. Someone who knows that the Red Sox will always be better than the Yankees.
Person 1: Did you see the Sox game last night?

Person 2: Obviously! I was there!

Person 1: You ARE a true Red Sox Fan
by anonymouswritter May 19, 2009

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