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A group of people who formed a rival gang to the crips. though now bloods has become popular amoungst teenagers who are large fans of eninem and tupac, still live at their paretnt house, and in their 20's. They go around their local neighborhood claiming and convincing young kids that they are bloods. They usually only "jump" 13-15 year olds, and alot of the times, it girls, really, they are only a bunch of fucking pussies who have no problem with fighting in large groups against one person, even if the person lacks the y chromisone.

they should be strangled with their own intestings.
blood: bitch, shut the fuck up
*hits girl*
bloods girlfriend: stop!
*calls friend*
*friends come up and kick his ass, a week later he comes over with more of his blood buddies and pistols to get one girl, girls brother gets their before they could shoot her with his friends and beats the living shit out of them before the cops arive*

true story^
by anonymoussnack February 22, 2009
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