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The largest city in Alaska. In the summer the weather the warmest it usually gets is in the 60s, while in the winter between -10 to 20 degrees. Dark in the winter and is light in the summer.

As a resident, I do believe Anchorage is very overrated. Although it is beautiful, it's honestly not a very nice place to live. There is only two malls people consider frequenting, Dimond Center and 5th Avenue mall. The stores are a few years outdated, as most stores don't ship here. There isn't very much that happens, the days are very redundant.

Majority of the families are dysfunctional, drug-ridden, and/or have alcoholism in them. You at least know one person who has commited suicide here, as it is one of the highest in the nation. There are MANY dropouts, I don't mean to plague this with statistics but the Anchorage School District does have the highest dropout rate, roughly half of the kids in ASD dropout. I almost dropped out.

As for politics, there was once a majority of republicans, however this has died out over the years. Surprisingly the Libertarian party is quite common, and of course there is also many democrats. To most here Sarah Palin is an emberassment.
Tourist: it's fucking gorgeous here I love anchorage,alaska. I want to move here someday
Resident: no you don't want to move here. It is a vacuous, dark, pit.

Tommy: Has your mom quit drinking yet? I hear since she got into a drunken fight with your methhead sister for dropping out, the police have been on her ass like grass.
Mary: No, she's still depressed that my dad walked out, causing my brother to commit suicide. How's your family?
Tommy: Ditto

Jordan: God, I hate the Sarah Palin stereo-type. I'm a fucking Democrat
by anonymousresident May 22, 2011

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