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An ongoing rivalry between the most idiotic dregs of English and American society. No matter how the argument begins, it generally amounts to misinformed/biased historical citations and ridiculously stereotypical insults being thrown back and forth between both parties. It is more often than not an exercise in which everyone openly displays their narcissism and ignorance while releasing pent up aggression that would be better focused toward the government official or representatives responsible for the political offense rather than "Random American/English Citizen #1,035."

In other words, a colossal waste of time that gives haters an excuse to hate and further deepens the misunderstandings/cultural boundaries between the two supposedly allied nations.
Hey, did you see that topic about England vs America? They all sound like ass holes.

Some common arguments in England vs America: "I'm not a Brit! You're a Yank!" "My country saved your country so HA." "Because you're a ___ you're obviously ___, ___, ___ and ___ so I hate you and anyone like you! Now, respect my opinions and nationality. >:(" "<ANYTHING regarding WWII or the American Revolution>"
by anonymouspacifist April 19, 2011

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