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A fierce dragon is when you're getting oral sex and about to cum you push their head down on your dick and when you blow your load it shoots out of their nose in a comical fashion bearing a striking resemblance to a chinese dragon that has those whiskers coming out of it's nose. Also known a the walrus.
Person 1: Do did you hear about Palmer giving Amanda a fierce dragon?

Person 2:No.

Person 1: Yeah she's had a sinus infection ever since.
by anonymoushoquiamites August 10, 2006
Sahesert is a word used to describe how hot it is. The word is a mix between Sahara and desert.
Curtis: Goddamnit it's hotter than a sahesert out here.
Shane: Do you mean Sahara or desert?
Curtis: Uh, both.
Shane: Sahesert?
Curtis: Uh, yeah.
Shane: Dumbass.
Curtis: Pass the fruit ketchup sissy.
Travis: Where's my sleeping bag douchebags?
by anonymoushoquiamites August 14, 2006

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