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Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland located in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, serving as a suburb to both major cities. However, unlike other run-of-the-mill suburban cities, its capital city status and preserved historic downtown harbor make Annapolis a very unique place; one that its residents are very proud of. Much like Baltimore, its residents enjoy crabs and beer, old bay, sailing, and all things uniquely centered around their access to the Chesapeake Bay. It is also not uncommon for Annapolitans to cheer for the Orioles and Ravens and take pride for them as their own. But, despite the similarities to its northern, much larger and commercialized neighbor, Annapolis has retained a much more "small town" feel and has its own set of renown establishments. Most notably, it is home to the United States Naval Academy. Annapolitans anticipate the Blue Angels and often take of work or school to go see them each year. The USNA students, "midshipmen", are often seen walking around in uniform in historic downtown. The city is also home to the St. Johns College, a liberal institution designed around studying the "great works". The city's historic downtown is decorated with brick streets and colonial buildings and contains the State Capital Building of Maryland, which is often used as an iconic symbol for the state. The city serves a rather unified demographic of upper-middle class citizens with some variation and tends to be, for this reason, a slightly "preppier" city in comparison to its neighbors.

Definitely a great place to be and a wonderful city that has found a balance of being a small-town suburb but a national renown jewel.
Annapolis has all the benefits of a small suburban city in addition to the benefits of being a city a itself. Truly a unique place whose preservation is vital to its life and culture.
by anonymouscow November 18, 2008
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