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cocaine is a "selfish drug," where you love yourself when on it. its an expensive drug. its typically $40 per gram, but that can vary depending on the quality and access of the drug in the area.
you use some type of card, such as your license, and crush/smoosh/cut the coke until its nice and powdery so its easy to snort and then form it into lines. get a dollar, preferably nice and crisp, and roll it up, this is what you use to snort the coke. remember to use the nasal that has the clearest path. also, enough though the taste is very bitter, put some coke on your gums and the tip of your tongue.

the effects are hard to explain. it's sort of like being on adderall but better. it doesnt last very long, about 45 minutes for me, which is why people get addicted because when you come down you just want more. self control kids, thats all you need.
your nose gets numb as well as the back of your throat. you feel like you cant swallow but in reality you can. your gums (which you rubbed some coke on) get numb and your teeth hurt slighty, as if you just put in a retainer that you havent worn for ages. you want to talk and go do things. you get kind of jittery and when people touch you or rub you it feels incredible. you feel happy and get the butterflies and/or rushes through your body every once in a while. you dont feel like eating but since your throat is numb drinking water feels cool. one thing i dont like about coke is the "drip" down your throat because of the bitter taste. also, you're very awake. so when you're low on energy and need to get shit done, do a line!

cocaine doesnt affect your motorskills or anything like that so driving and going to work/school is fine. its no big deal. no one will notice. your eyes dont get dilated and it's not like smoking where you have to cover up the smell and throw eye drops in.

the comedown is nothing at first but as you go on it gets worse which is why when people are addicted they get all fucking crazy and shit. just don't do it too much and you'll be fine. do it with other people because once you start going off on your own, you have a problem or are on the road to having a problem.

all you need is a little self control and you'll be fine. i personally really enjoy doing coke, but if you dont have any self control, i advise you not to get into it. it'll ruin your life and the relationships around you.
smoke a cigarette after you rail, it takes care of the drip and you feel good.

also, smoke weed after cocaine. you get really fucked up and feel phenomenal.
by anonymous246 December 10, 2006

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