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The fat girl, usually spotted in a trio or quad group of girls. Minivans typically dress as if they were attractive. These swift moving, fast talking creatures will stay close to an attractive girl, and live of playing as a cock block
"Yo Stacy was lookin good today, so I felt like I should holla at her for a change. I got her attention but that damn MINIVAN parked in front of her."

"Why is that MINIVAN wearing a skirt, nobody needs to see that."
by anonymous1uno February 29, 2008
Black Man Working

-Any black man driving a BMW vehicle must have some type of job.
-Gold digging women assuming a working black man drives a nice car such as a BMW
"-Why is she messin around with him, shes a bum
-Oh no, she knows whats pop'n, she got a BMW"

by anonymous1uno March 01, 2008
When actions are far enough beyond sketchy or suspect that they are no longer worthy of full annunciation of the word SUSPICIOUS.
"The bearded man on the train looked real spicious to me."

"Why you got a paw print on your inner thigh? Nigga you spicious"
by anonymous1uno March 01, 2008

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