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3 definitions by anonymous fan

Cool Band. Pure Poetry . There sorta the dark side of a mix between emo and indie. all agree with each other please as you should be rippin the piss out of folk who listen to music u disagree with. my personal hatred towards hip-hop , metal and dance.
Goth-trended Person : "rarrr death metal rules dude!"
Alk3 Fan : "actually, i rule. i just won 10 quid in the lottery. oh yeh and that shit aint real music. scientific evidence proves it distorts ur brain patterns till u go retarded....."
by anonymous fan August 27, 2003
211 79
and increidble spunk who attracts chicks from lands near and far
wow look at hoopy the leroy, now theres a frood who really knows where his towel is.
by Anonymous Fan January 07, 2004
1 5
LAN Champ
Let me borrow a dollar
by Anonymous Fan November 16, 2003
8 45