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4 definitions by anonymos

A form of hanging out.
My life just went down the drain when my girlfriend dumped me.
by Anonymos June 28, 2004
2 4
1. A rare inbred child whos passtimes are digging for fossils and playing soccer
Fossils is hardcore
by Anonymos March 07, 2003
5 9
horrible, ugly girl who is gross and sucks whale and laughes like a mosnter and eats cabage while looking at porn with her mom
he she wiseby

wow that wiseby is gross
wiseby is bitcheby
by anonymos January 30, 2005
0 6
wOOt=we owned the other team, comonly used in online video games
"Take that, wOOt."
by anonymos April 23, 2004
7 42