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The fuckin leetest dude on deviantART.
Look at vozz, he's so leet.
by Anonamous April 23, 2005
'Fresh Unit' originaly a gedling comprehensive school gang,crew or click that has now expanded acroose numerous hoods. 'Fresh Unit' is an organisation or individuals devoted to spitting ill rhymes and sick flows acroos a wide variety of dope beats, they have a unique graffiti style and are responsible for numerous crimes against society such as...vandalism and theft of dignity all the way to plane hijacking. It is official...if your a whack mc or rhyme biting moron youd better watch urself because 'Fresh Unit' are on your case friend.
F-F-Fresh unit are spectacular
by Anonamous June 26, 2004
an adjective used in describing unflattering shoes which make the foot look thin and elongated.
'My boots are such a howardcheesemanfoot'
by anonamous October 03, 2003
a person who wheres mermaid boxers and shaves his legs!!!.....what a loooser
brayn is a looser
by anonamous May 26, 2003
A person who lacks social skills and is generally made fun of in large groups of people. See tool.
HA! Look at Butters!
Samual Allen is what we like to call, "Butters"
by Anonamous December 01, 2004
Techno isnt really music. techno is electronic sounds coinciding to some kind of beat. Only when applied to some other form of music as a joke or backround sound can it then be "labeled" as music.unless at a rave. By itself it is literally nothing most people would want to listen to even if offered money. (possible exageration)
There is no way i can give an example of my opinion of techno. Words cannot discribe my dislike for it, usually.
by Anonamous April 25, 2005
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