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A journalist who needs to be salaried and accommodated in an exotic foreign location in order to download press releases from their home governments press office and re-word them as news.
"Here is a report from our foreign correspondent"
#journalist #reporter #news #propaganda #douchebag
by anon31337 April 20, 2010
New age religion fervently worshipped by atheists. Science is the messiah, beset on all sides by unbelievers who threaten to undermine it's entire existence. In short, science is being crucified. The second coming of the science messiah will visit perfection and worldly paradise here on earth. Global climate cataclysm will be reversed at the same time as developing an infinite energy source to support unending economic growth, we will cure cancer, bio-engineer life forms to do our bidding, the purpose of the universe will be explained and computers will solve the halting problem in a few CPU cycles.
"Motion is governed by newtons laws. It's a fact of science."

"Statements in religious texts are hypotheses. Science should use theory and experimentation to falsify or corroborate them."
#religion #atheism #fantasy #delusion #god
by anon31337 May 23, 2010
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