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A nice little quaint village in the winter where all the locals go to either CCA, Barnstable High or some New England boarding school. Then the rich summer people come, along with the tourists, and the booze and the various illegal substances, to go bridge-jumping, midnight tubing, driving on various things that move, PARTYING in expensive preppy mansions (or locals homes) and/or doing anything while under the infleunce. (This is everyone who lives on Seaview, or has a dock.) The tourists demand to know if there is a beach on the Cape-when they are two steps away from the beach's parking lot- and where lime-green suits around town-perfectly acceptable when your sleeping...by yourself... Then there the nice summer people that can be your bestest friends!
Example 1:
C (on Vespa): Party at A's house! Beer Pong Championships!
L (in Porsche): I'm so there!

Example 2:
Local 1 (at Golf Club): You see Mr. Fancypants of Oyster Harbors over there?
Local 2: Yeah!
Local 1: Well, lets go and play some games with him!
(Both Locals go and hid in the bushes)
(Mr. Fancypants prepares to swing)
(At the same time Local 1 takes foghorn and presses the button)

Example 3:
Richy 1: I belong to all the fancy clubs in town, Wianno, Hyannis Port and Oyster Harbors.
Local to Richy 1: (Slap)

Example 4:
Nice Summer Person: Do u want to go to Sweet Tomatoes, for pizza and rootbeer?
Local 1: Finally, a nice, normal, sober summer person!
by anon... April 28, 2005
Home of the famous cheer against Yale during which Harvard was losing:
Harvard students: "That's all right, that's okay, you'll just work for us someday!"
by anon... April 28, 2005

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