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6 definitions by annoyed

A peace officer serving the duty of responding to noise complaints. Best known for breaking up suisares.
It's 12:30 AM on a Monday. The next door neighbor's suisare is still going strong. That's it, I'm calling the suisare patrol.
by annoyed November 03, 2004
8 0
Acronym for Neighbor(s) From Hell. Neighbors qualify as NFH's with dogs barking all day, harassment, frequent suisares, etc.
This is their third suisare this week. Looks like we have an NFH on our hands.
by annoyed October 29, 2004
9 8
Word used by people with inferior vocabularies in order to sound offical and educated. usually used many times in one paragraph.
utilize, proactive, paradigm
by annoyed August 25, 2004
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Can't stop talking about his cars* in every possible threads and it gets really annoying.

*My guess is that he owns a bus pass and that's it.
Thread: Look at my new cat!
SteamForumUser: Look at my new cat isn't it cute ?
pinoypride: LOL, you think your cat is cute, you haven't seen my cars. Hahahah.
by annoyed February 12, 2005
16 36
ex boyfriends new girlfriend...if you are still caught up on him
you know...when he brings her by, just to show her off
by annoyed April 19, 2005
35 56
A word from a "language" (used loosely)created by a bunch of internet junkies who are either too lazy to type out, or too uneducated to know how to spell actual words from the English Dictionary.
i pwnd ur @$$ l@$t nite, n00b. (note, the only "word" from that sentence that can be found in the English Dictionary is I, which is supposed to be capitalized)
by Annoyed November 04, 2004
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