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- A member of Ricketts.
- A person who is liberal, offensive (see BOFA), has problems with authority, enjoys loud music, fire, the Simpsons, and Adult Swim.
- I'm a Skurve! Where's the keg at?
- Dude, that kid is totally a Skurve.
by anichi December 30, 2004
A state in which one has such a crazy and drunken time that one cannot speak without slurring "crunk" into crizzunked. The number of z's involved depends on how crunked one wants to be or actually is.
Maria: I'm bored.
Andrea: Let's get crizzunked tonight.
Maria: Awesome.

Andrea (attempting to say crazily drunk): I'm so crizzunked.
by anichi December 30, 2004
- More than one Skurve.
- People who hassle Moles.
Skurve 1: BOFA?
Skurve 2: BOFA?
Annoyed Mole: BOFA what?
All the other Skurves: OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
by anichi December 30, 2004
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