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The best bang for you buck. No fuss, no muss. Your girlfriend doesn't want to give you oral sex? Or, god forbid, doesn't swallow? You are married for 10 years, and your sex life took a plunge after 6 months? Doing it in the poop hole seems like a distant memory or something from urban legends? When you finally recieve your monthly sex you think that even your hand and a bag of nails would be a better experience? Than despare no more! All it takes is some money and you're set to cumm!
Husband: What?? No sex for a week?! Just because I said your sister is sexy? That's what you think...
Half an hour later: Yes, hello, I'd like to order a large prostitute with everything on it...Yes yes, leather included...
by angrymind November 12, 2008

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