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An exclamation used when something is particularly noteworthy or impressive. Coined by Warren Wilson.
Damn son, you got three head shots in a row.
by angelo December 10, 2003
Cocaine, Snow, Blow, Sugar Booger, Yayo, White Girl, Coke
You gotta watch them bitches that wanna snort up all your yay.
by Angelo August 23, 2003
Known as the most powerful and deadliest creature of Final Fantasy 7. Huge and red. Has Large claws that can sink into the ground and appear behind you. Also has an unusually tiny head. Thank god cause that fucker is ugly.

The only way to beat this monster is to have at least almost perfect stats everywhere, and even if you do, he is still nearly impossible unless you have some kind of stragety!
"Ahh that damn ugly ass keeps using Whirlsand!!"
"Fuck you Ruby! You can keep your stinky Desert Rose! I'm gonna get my Gold Chocobo the hard way!"
by Angelo November 06, 2004
1. The queen of dragons. Is in Golden Sun
2. In Final Fantasy, Tiamat is the wind fiend. Is also the wind fiend in FF9.
3. Bahamut's shadow.
Most of the time Tiamat is a multi-headed pain in the ass.
by Angelo November 06, 2004
The ultimate gunblade used by the main character of FF8, Squall. Its limit break, which has the same name as the gunblade, is really powerful and makes for good eye candy.
"Use Lionheart dammit!!"
"Lionheart pwns Omnislash!!"
by Angelo November 06, 2004
pimpest dawg in philly... often called the major of the city
yo man you be da illest of them all, you're a sachio!
by Angelo March 30, 2005
Cornell PIMP
Damnnn son, You pulled a Clayton Edwards
by Angelo December 10, 2003

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