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1. Crazy ass mothafucka

2. Frontman of amazing band Mindless Self Indulgence

3. Sexyass bitchface

4. Skinny, crazy, hot piece of ass
Little Jimmy Urine: "I'll be a dinosaur! A dipplodauchus to be exactamanundo!"
by anelhxcmsi August 16, 2008
A less serious situation insult. Derived from the more common
and overused "douchebag". Used to insult one of your closer peers, or perhaps your girlfriend, in a joking matter.

Kudos to mike for thinking of it.
Mike: "Hey, Anel, did you tell my mom she looks like Jabba the Hutt?
Anel: "Hah, yea. Even you said she does."
Mike: "Ahh, you douche mutant. Whatever."
by anelhxcmsi August 16, 2008
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