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A social hypocrite baby-boomer. A former love child, liberal, anti-war, peace proliferating, commune-living, free-love, unemployed, dope-smoking, "Hippie" from the 1960's that is now "the man" - - now an anti-cannibis, fascist Tea Party right wing prude, waging pointless wars, shutting down OWS demonstrations, foreclosing entire communities, and outsourcing jobs from high-paying executive positions.
The Hyppies have all but destroyed the American way of life, man.
by AndyT February 08, 2012
a term used to describe the sexual organs of an impressive male.

also, a sourthern english dialect for the common household carrot .
wow, he really is a donkey dick!


cor, no wonder this soup tastes so good, its full of donkey dick!
by andyt December 08, 2005
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