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The car thats always moving forward.... Always
no matter how hard you slam on your brakes your Toyota won't stop
by andy 3 February 19, 2010
Now the best car company in the world since the Japanese believe they can make perfect cars by divine right while Ford over here actually started building quality cars.
person 1: My Ford Fusion has 500,000 miles on it and its still running like new.

person 2: the gas pedal in my Camry got stuck and i crashed into a tree
by andy 3 February 20, 2010
A war that was not started because of oil or because George Bush is retarded but because there was a serious threat that the Iraqis did have chemical weapons. During the Iran-Iraq war the Iraqi's killed thousands of Iranian soldiers and civilians with chemical weapons and Saddam killed thousands of his own people with chemical weapons. Then the UN banned Iraq from having chemical weapons but when they tried to inspect Iraqi weapon making facilities the Iraqi's wouldn't let them. Then theres the USA freshly thrown into a war on terrorism now hearing that a crazy fucking radical islamic America hating country probably has some chemical weapons. So they decide to act and take out Saddam. Turns out he didn't have any Chemical weapons at the time so the USA pretty much got fucked due to the ineffectiveness of the UN.

The same things happening now with Iran and their nuclear program but their going to develop them because no one has the balls to do anything anymore.
idiot: stupid George Bush started the Iraq war cause he wanted OIL.

Smart person: dude shut the fuck up the US invaded Iraq because the UN couldn't get their shit together and the US had to take care of it to prevent some wackjob from getting chemical weapons.

Idiot: your gay you love old men like Bush!!!!!!!
by andy 3 February 28, 2010

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