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2 definitions by andrewlk

A last day of school, when kids get together in a crappy decorated place with a realy cheap dj and questionable food, so u get drunk, cheat on your girlfriend with some whore, get a package of stds, ur girlfriend finds it out, dumps you, while the school principal now can afford college for his four children and for the rest of the $ he flies of to Amsterdam, laughing at you.

Alternatives: 1.Go clubbing for much less.
2. If in canada, go to Montreal, every1 gets some there
3.Go to Amsterdam for the same $.
What can you expect from a party organized by catholic shcool, a prom?
by andrewlk September 17, 2006
place to take kids of the streets, put down their spirits, load with useless work, and so on...
Haha now kids will be off the streats withe the school and homework!
by andrewlk September 17, 2006