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2 definitions by andrewgarrett

The shiz of all high schools located in Provo, Utah. Home of the Thunderbirds, this schools dominates in everything except baseball. This school is also home to Andrew Garrett who was so bored one night that he wrote this, even though he had homework.
"Did Timpview win last night?" "Dude, we're Timpview." "Oh yeah..."
by andrewgarrett March 01, 2007
a gay under ground ping pong club that is more concerned about the most flamboyantly gay acts thought possible than with actual ping pong. Also everyone talks with a crappy French accent. Gpp= gay ping pong
Andrew -"hey moe didn't jr have the gpp title for ten years in the seventies?"
Moe -"yeah but I was the most recent champ"
by andrewgarrett February 11, 2008