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3 definitions by andrewesq

Backpack full of poo
Don't pick up that Cincinnati Backpack, I could smell it from a mile away.
by andrewesq August 24, 2012
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After consuming a 5-way, spontaneously wandering around the city in search of safe haven to ventilate the pressurized buildup of kidney beans, onions, spaghetti, cheese and meat sauce.
After his Cincinnati Walkabout, Gary realized that he left his pants at home and he had crossed the river.

The amber alert was canceled after Stephanie returned from her Cincinnati Walkabout.
by andrewesq August 22, 2012
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See Bill Cunningham
Tom: You going to Willie's?

Jerry: Hell no that's owned by the Cincinnati Conservatard who hates Freedom.
by andrewesq September 11, 2012
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