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4 definitions by andrew nelson brown

Actorbation; (n) When an actor performs a monologue or scene so over-indulgently that you can almost see his hand stroking his quickly growing ego. Actorbation often causes a severe decrease in the tempo of a scene.

(v): to actorbate
"Wasn't Mark just amazing as Romeo last night?"
"Are you kidding me? Mark's incessant actorbation beat the crap out of the whole show! He must have added at least a half hour to the first act alone!"
by andrew nelson brown January 24, 2008
5 1
The act of "wanking" to Star Trek.
Dude, I watched scifi channel yesterday and performed one hell of a captain kirkumcision for like 2 hours.
by andrew nelson brown November 30, 2007
6 3
Slang for fellatio. (noun.)
Man that test was so easy it was like the professor was giving my grade a bijojo.
by andrew nelson brown December 01, 2007
4 4
To have sex with someone while wearing a bagel, donut, or other pierced article of wheat around the shaft.
Javier loves to gluten tag his special friend. His special friend is less enthusiastic.
by andrew nelson brown September 05, 2008
11 18