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a sexual move in which 3 people are invlolved. 1 catcher, 1 batter, and 1 pitcher. the pitcher stands with their legs apart and poops, the batter gets on his knees and hits the poop with his penis, the catcher then tries to catch the poop in his mouth.
Dooood, i heard max and justin played hungarian baseball with her and scored a home run.

That chick at the club last night was totally asking for some hungarian baseball.
by andrew blastoise October 23, 2010
1) a text message one sends when they realize that the conversation isn't going anywhere and just wants to end it as quickly as possible.
2) the 11th letter of the alphabet.
3) Potassium
Person 1: im gonna go make a sandwich, its gonna be so good!
Person 2: K
Person 1: This isn't going anywhere, is it?...
by Andrew Blastoise June 16, 2011

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