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A more specific version of the phrase "hot and bothered"; where the guy has a boner.
gf: "My bf and I were messing around. I got him all hot and bonered, but I left him with blue balls, cuz he tried to stick it in my ass."
by and by June 20, 2010
if you grow up in a small town, and since the number of available women is lower, the standards are also lower in women.
-small town man - "Dude, check out that chick. You should try to get on that."

-city man - "You know she's like a 2 right? Are you drunk, or are you wearing small town goggles?"

-small town man - "I'm from Berlin, Wisconsin."

-city man - "That explains it..."
by and by April 18, 2009
The classic look that Jim on the TV show "The Office" gives the camera. It is usually seen when Michael does something ridiculous; or after a successful prank on Dwight; sometimes in look of desperation of normalcy.
Dwight: Who put my stapler in jello?!

Jim: (gives the camera The Jim Look)
by and by June 20, 2010
A newer version of the phrase "and then I found ten dollars", incorporating the victory of the Green Bay Packers in Superbowl XLV.

This phrase adds excitement to a story when it obviously ends abruptly and with no point.
-"I was watching this really funny commercial the other day, I guess you had to be there..."


-... and then the Packers won the Superbowl"

-"Aww really? Fucking sweet!"
by and by February 07, 2011
The very generic sounding text message you receive Christmas day, sometimes from people you forgot you had in your phone.
New Message:

From: Jenna

"Merry Christmas!"

From: Ben

"Have a good Xmas!!!"

ugh, I just got like 5 Christmass texts
by and by January 03, 2011
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