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as a male when you have worked your way into being close enough to a female that she shares everything with you as she would a male 'gay friend' but there is absolutely no chance of sex. the no sex clause may be shared or put in the closet by the individual with 'feelings.' if the trust is broken, you are no longer the non gay gay friend.

this is being as deep in the 'friend zone' as humanly possible. you blew it or have now have a great female friend. there is no proof that this does not lead to homosexuality.
I had suspicions I was gay when Lindsey and Kassie became my besties and I their favorite non gay gay friend.
by anco bluzea November 22, 2010
a contradictory statement most commonly used to express dominance over another male by implying the subservient individual must touch and stroke the dominant male's penis to climax with or without tickling and/or cupping of the testes.

handjobs are never actually given or that would no longer be implying homosexuality simply because by touching another man's penis you are indeed homosexual unless you're a doctor.
Dude A: "Will you give me a ride home in a bit?"

Dude B: "I will give you a ride home if you give me a non gay handjob on the way."
by anco bluzea November 17, 2010

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