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An intelligent human being who believes that human interests are not always in the best interests of human beings themselves (in the long run, of course) or other species. Although there are some impressionable airheaded environmentalists, the majority are scientifically informed and dedicated to their cause. Many things that environmentalists have worked for have also benefitted mankind, such as restrictions on pollution, which can cause deformities at birth.
There are two kinds of environmentalists- shallow environmentalists, who believe that nature should be preserved because of its beauty or value to mankind, and deep environmentalists, who think that nature has value in itself,

Gandhi was an environmentalist as well as peace-activist.
by anarchistpudding October 14, 2005
A television station that sustains itself by watering down music, censoring music, and playing only sellout music. It therefore makes rock music a corporate, meaningless commodity, rather than an art form as it was in previous decades.
After MTV, it's hard to believe that any music means anything anymore.
by anarchistpudding October 14, 2005

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