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usually influenced at a young age by older anime such as pokemon, sailor moon, card captor sakura, and yugioh. (your average popular high school student probably watched two or three of these as a child. they grew up to become obsessed with society's opinions.) an anime nerd is simply someone who doesn't give a shit what other people think and has not lost sight of their inner child. their appearance can range from ugly to the most beautiful girl/guy you have ever seen. they have respect for the art form that is anime. once or twice a year they may spend their time at an anime convention making money or having fun (meeting new people, hanging out with friends, etc.). an anime nerd knows how to enjoy life (unlike some people). an anime nerd could be the person living next door. they could be the bag boy/girl at your grocery store. they could be your high school english teacher. they could be the man/woman you married twenty years ago.

remember, nerds are people too. and the majority of them have lives others are too stupid to accept. haven't you ever heard "don't judge a book by its cover"?
random guy #1: dude i just found out my girlfriend is an anime nerd!

random guy #2: holy shit! what are you going to do!?

random guy #1: ...have sex.

random guy #2: ...

random guy #1: what? she's hot!!
by ananimenerd May 16, 2009

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