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To laudle (L-ow-dul) is to have sex 7 times in 7 different positions in one session or sitting; the equivalent of a sexual marathon. Acceptable breaks between each sex include resting but not sleeping, cuddling and nuzzling, and bathroom breaks. Moving to the bathroom for shower sex is also acceptable.

One sex can also be substituted with oral received once by each partner; so a laudle could include 6 positions and 1 exchange of oral each (2 orals total).
Note: all positions must differ from each other. No repetitions, no change of location, or slight changes such as the shifting of one leg.
Elsa: oh yeah....I guess we half-laudled last night. We did missionary, cowgirl, and sitting. Then he ate me out.

Jules: yeah girl, that totally counts!! Full-laudle next time.
by anal sleds October 03, 2010
A highly infectious STI (STD). It is a viral STI, so it cannot be cured with antibiotics. Anal sleds are transmitted through acts of anal sex, or sodomy.
This STI is not, in fact, proven to be in existence, and is not acknowledged by the Catholic Church, but is a phrase commonly used in southern california to identify those who engage in acts of butt-piracy.
Bob: hey, do you see those three over there eating lunch? I hear they all have anal sleds.
George: What?! Both guys and the girl? You mean, they all got anal sleds from each other?
Bob: Yeah. It's pretty nasty. I hear they have it in an advanced stage, too.
by anal sleds June 02, 2010
Originating in the Bay Area, ca; twat-queer is a term for a lesbian. Someone of the female persuasion who is interested sexually in other women.
Jill: I'm thinking about experimenting with women.
John: GOD, you're such a twat-queer!
by anal sleds June 02, 2010
To laudle is to achieve seven different positions (with a single partner) while having sex just once. However, one position can be substituted with oral both given and received by each partner (aka 6 distinct positions and oral for each). One form of a sexual marathon.
I tried to laudle last night without telling him, but after the fifth position he finished.
by anal sleds December 10, 2011

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