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insult from tmisc aim room
basik156 (7:18:03 PM): stfu
basik156 (7:18:04 PM): p
basik156 (7:18:05 PM): h
basik156 (7:18:05 PM): a
basik156 (7:18:06 PM): g
basik156 (7:18:11 PM): g
lolporque (7:18:12 PM): fuk u pink eye dirty bitch
basik156 (7:18:16 PM): o
lolporque (7:18:17 PM): lol que?
PaintnballJohn (7:18:19 PM): t
basik156 (7:18:22 PM): t
lolporque (7:18:24 PM): o
PaintnballJohn (7:18:27 PM): g
PaintnballJohn (7:18:28 PM): q
lolporque (7:18:28 PM): a
PaintnballJohn (7:18:30 PM): b
basik156 (7:18:30 PM): t
PaintnballJohn (7:18:32 PM): s
lolporque (7:18:40 PM): togqbabts?
by an1mos1ty July 23, 2009
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