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can be anything.
ex. - a line
-colored lines
-stick drawing of a cow
-a dot
"what the hell?"

"its modern art"
by an anonymous source December 06, 2003
automatically wins any argument
"you think your so smart, well let me tell you something, blablablhablahblllbllblblbllblbahblahblahblah. get a life etc."

your reply: whatever moron.
by an anonymous source November 23, 2003
Refers to the lone Ecuadorian casualty of the Second World War, stemming from an incident somewhere in the Andes Mountains, where a likely deranged donkey kicked a member of the Ecuadorian army in the gonads, resulting in his unfortunate death. The incident reportedly took place only mere seconds after the second and final atomic bomb was released over the Japanese city of Nagasaki.
"Damn... If only he held out for another 10 seconds. Poor muchacho."

"Yo dude did you ever hear about the Ecuadorian Casualty of War? It was a rather unfortunate situation."
by An anonymous source September 28, 2014
it means the pen is a better weapon than the sword because its smaller and more manueverable. also you can fill the ink tube with poison and stab someone with it for example, in the neck. its better for sneaking up on someone, or for use in small spaces.
you got a sword? so what i got a pen. yeah u better run u woman.
by an anonymous source November 05, 2003
maker of the Showtime Rotisserie Oven
by an anonymous source November 09, 2003
what kevin halfhill uses for lube while he is masturbating to gay porno
by an anonymous source October 30, 2003

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