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heres yo histry facts
rap capital. ghetto as fuck. 2 million population. 2 white people. douglascounty is where erryone stays. we so fuckin ghetto.. we got worst in state. all the white kids had to migrate to homeschoolin. niggas took ova. if your white and you go for a job interview.. you get the job cause they the minority. dont ever drive through college park without a gun. we shoot people for fun. if you get in a fight, you gon get somethin ripped off. we dont leave nowhere without a fight. we dont actually have education, we just have teachers that talk. if walmart aint got it, you dont need it. we dont live off welfare; we buy crack with welfare. i know someone with a methlab as theyre kitchen.
Nigga1: You ghetto as fuck. Where you from?
Nigga2: Atlanta bitch.
Nigga1: No wonda mane.
by amyy&phoebe January 26, 2007

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