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Amrit is a word from Sanskrit meaning "without death" or "immortal". It is not just a term "in the Sikh religion" but has meaning outside of that context as well. In Hindu mythology, it is the name for a nectar which bestows immortality.
In certain parts of New Delhi the word is gaining use as a label for men who are particularly well-endowed.
1) Drink Amrit and you will live forever.

2) Jesus, Amrit is so well-endowed.
by Amrit April 25, 2005
Is a term used in the sikhism religion, means "Gods Nectar." the language used with it is Punjabi
example: "Amrit Shakoh"
by Amrit February 02, 2005
Punjabi Slang. Used by Punjabis. literal meaning: "chakde" means to pick up, "phatte" means wood. Punjabi's use it to say "keep it up."
Chakde phatte yaar!!
by Amrit January 26, 2005
Computer operating system. and BTW my winXP hasn't crashed since i installed it last year
I just installed windows.
by amrit September 15, 2003
female word of soldier
we miss the soldiers and soldiettes.
by amrit November 25, 2003

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